Finishing Services

Binding keeps your pages in order and gives your project professional execution.

Our large format cutters allow us to print your jobs in the most economic way possible, or to take on jobs from the trade where you may not have the equipment on hand to handle certain work.

Have your products folded by us for perfect folding.

Add a unique I.D. to each item for easy tracking.

There are a number of jobs that require collating services. Perfect bound books, coil-bound books, Z-fold mailers, and stapled packets are just a few examples of jobs that traditionally need to be collated. We offer both hand- and machine-collating options and have yet to meet a collating job we can’t handle!

Perforating involves punching a number of small holes in a piece to make it easier to tear apart cleanly by hand. Many of the bills you receive on a monthly basis are perforated along the bottom so that you can tear off a portion to include in your response envelope along with your payment.

Creates a perfect, clean crease for easy paper folding.