About Us

Our Goal:

…is to fulfill your print needs at your convenience by offering accurate, affordable and reliable printing solutions, 24 – 72 hour turn-around on many items and free local pickup and bulk delivery.

The idea for the creation of TD Digital Printers was formulated in early 2009, and very quickly the “re-born” company opened a new production facility on
June 8, 2009.

Reborn? TD Digital Printers represents its President’s fresh, new vision for a company that had existed since the 1920’s, that had been an offset print operation but had been dormant since 1998, and that needed a new business model in order to survive a restart, in an economy that was suffering.

Digital printing (defined as toner-based or inkjet printing) has been the main engine for the growth of the print markets over the past few years. Was this the wave of the future for real printing shipments? It appears the answer was “yes.” Printers’ shipments of digital print and ancillary services were projected to grow in the future and represented a growth opportunity for printers and should continue to grow faster than the overall economy. With deteriorating economic and market conditions impacting traditional ink-on-paper print shops, it was apparent that this new “digital” business model would be the key… with pricing power representing the most important priority and financial impact, followed by sales growth and cost control.


With key words in its business plan like:

  • specialization by industry product niche
  • unique product offering
  • knowledge of customer need
  • diversification to value-added services, i.e.
  • promotional products
  • variable-data services
  • strong branding of its capabilities
  • high quality
  • dependability
  • excellent service, and
  • ability to multi-task to survive and prosper…

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